Welcome to Cymetry! Welcome to our family! Cymetry is an educational organization that provides a different approach to learning mathematics, offering a course for those willing to study mathematics at the level of high-school. You do not necessarily need to be studying at high-school, because our courses can very much be useful for those in their gap year who are willing to revise the high-school mathematics material or to study it in a bit further depth as a preparation for university. We are also expecting to see middle-school students who are passionate enough to go beyond their school mathematics curriculum and explore deeper topics at high-school level and beyond. We do also expect to see university students on any discipline who are eager to do a proper revision of some topics, such as Calculus. We are using video lectures and problem classes as the main means of delivering our course to our customers and we are currently supporting our products for mobile phones running on Android. We have tried to do a good integration of technology and education so that we deliver the best possible course to our users and the best possible platform to assure comfort for those using our products. Of course, we welcome everyone to our app, regardless of their mathematical abilities, however our condition is that You have a passion to study the topics and we will try to use this passion and build up a true love towards mathematics. Please let us know of the problems you see in the service we provide and we will try to address each and every of your issues, so that You get the most out of our app.

Cymetry team